About Us:

Consumer Internet companies which have become global brands were created out of the founders' own and personal experiences. Facebook, AirBnB, Uber, Netflix and many others exemplify this simple truism. All of them started with one aspect of our lives and improve upon it.

Prontour has been founded on one simple idea - to compile and collate all leisure pursuits - sports, music, tours, excursions, outdoors, social & group outings, etc. - in one portal that empowers and enables me to explore and discover new and exciting events and destinations personalized based on my interests and location; and a portal that enables me to create my own leisure outing.

After visiting dozens of sites and apps and media to stay current with my interests; after going through hundreds and thousands of 'canned' outing ideas and not finding any that excites you; after visiting all travel sites which guide you to the same destinations around the World and all offering the same tours, excursions and activities; and after visiting all these sites and apps merely interested in promoting what they offer in a few 'popular' destinations as opposed to addressing our interests and giving us the ability to truly explore and discover new and exciting destinations, we knew there had to be a better way - which was the genesis for Prontour.

Explore. Dream. Discover.

We created Prontour, first and foremost, to empower and enable us to truly explore and discover leisure pursuits, interests and outings across the World. Instead of a few 'popular' city destinations determined by someone else, we created the Global Dashboard and Global Map to explore continents, countries, regions, states, metropolises, cities, towns and even isolated villages.

Our 7-Dimensional Search Engine makes it a snap to find your perfect outing

We created Prontour to deliver a new and radically different way to search and discover from out of hundreds of thousands of ideas the perfect leisure outing - be it in our own city for that outing with our friends, co-workers or family, or that week-end getaway with a special someone, or the once-in-a-lifetime vacation with your friends or family. We created our 7-Dimensional Search Engine centered around the Global Map to help you search and find the perfect outing for each occasion.

Personalized stream of leisure outings ever-ready for you

Did you know we visit and monitor more than a dozen different sites and apps and media to stay connected and current with our leisure interests? We created Prontour to fulfill the many varied interests which we want to explore in our leisure time - be it sports, music, travel, outdoors, social outings. We then added personalization so we can create our own stream of leisure outings which match My Interests and My Location.

Leisure Outing to share with your friends, co-workers and family

Leisure pursuit is inherently a group and social activity - amplified and enhanced when we connect with others who share them. We created Prontour from the outset with group and social networking capabilities so we can connect you with people who share your passion from your own neighborhood, town, city, state, country and across the world.

Create your own unique leisure outing & experience

Last but not least, we created Prontour so we can CREATE our own, unique leisure experiences - be it football tailgate party, attending a music concert with friends, organizing a wine-tasting outing, birthday or anniversary outing, bachelor / bachelorette party, team building event, or millions of other ideas for group outings, which no one individual or organization or company can anticipate. We not only help you create your own unique leisure outing and experience, we handle sign-ups, confirmations and even payments from all participants to make it a fun, pleasant and hassle-free experience in planning, organizing and managing the outing.

Our Promise : Deliver fun, stress-free and rewarding leisure experiences...

One of the largest collection of tours, excursions & activities in the World

  • 4,200 unique destinations
  • 2,700+ tour operators
  • 100,000+ tours, excursions & activities around the globe

Stress-free, no-hassle cancelation policy :

After booking you may cancel your booking within 7 days and up to 8 hours prior to the trip or event start time for a full refund.

Insurance Safety Net:

Spooked with stories of tour operator leaving their clients high-and-dry? Don't be. Our $10 Million Insurance Policy Safety Net is designed to cover all emergencies, contingencies and exigencies - so you can relax and enjoy your trip - Anywhere, Anytime, Worldwide.

Rewarding program like no other:

Earn Prontour Reward Points for each booking - up to 5% of the value for each booking. Progress through Bronze, Silver, Gold & Platinum tiers and see the value of your Points soar. Redeem the points for any booking or United Airlines MileagePlus Miles for flights to any of the 1,300+ Destinations covered by United Airlines and Star Alliance Partners.

Who are we?

We are a Silicon Valley based Internet start-up set out to change your world of Leisure. After a few years of serving the San Francisco Bay Area and other major cities in the US with our sports and music outings and serving more than 60,000 fans from all across the world we are now ready to not just take on the World but take you around the World.

With more than 2,700 tour operators from all across the World offering more than 100,000+ unique leisure tours, excursions and activities on our site, we are pleased to bring to you the one and only portal that lets you Explore. Dream. Discover and Create new, fun, memorable, stress- and hassle-free and rewarding leisure outings and experiences.

In keeping with our Silicon Valley roots and Silicon Valley history and tradition in a brief span of time we have achieved significant milestones:

  • Compiled more tours, excursions and activities than our peers who have been around for decades;
  • First one to offer 7-day stress-free, no-hassle cancelation policy
  • First one to offer a comprehensive Insurance Safety Net to all our clients all across the World
  • The one and only company in tours & activities market to offer Rewards and Loyalty Program