Find your Perfect Event with our 7-Dimensional Search Engine :

Your search begins with the live Global Dashboard - map and listing of events, activities and tours - color coded for broad categories to help you identify hot spots for events which interest you. Combine the Map View with the Global Dashboard to get a snapshot of all the Events, Tours and Activities scheduled within the time horizon stated on the Dashboard.

With listing of hundreds of thousands of Events, Tours & Activities, our Map based exploration and 7-Dimensional Search Engine, we will find your perfect event, tour or activity for the week-end in your home town, or when you are on vacation and are looking for tours and activities, or when you are traveling on business and want to take in a local sports or music event.

The World is Your Oyster:

When you think about leisure events, tours and activities, the World is, indeed, your Oyster. The types of events and leisure activity options are limitless. Our Map based navigation and 7-Dimensional Search together truly open up the World of options for you and help you find your Perfect Pearl - your Perfect Event, Tour or Activity.

Let's find our Perfect Pearl:

Let's take a 'tour' of Prontour and see how the combination of our Global Dashboard, Visual Map and 7-Dimensional Search will help us find our perfect pearls.

Let's plan a vacation in Europe over the Christmas & New Year break. The exploration and discovery process will showcase the power and potency of our 7-Dimensional Search in finding the events, tours and activities during your vacation in Europe.

Our Global Dashboard shows thousands of destinations and hundreds of thousands of events, tours and activities worldwide.

Let's pull up the map and zoom in to Europe and see 43,000+ Events, Tours and Activities scheduled at 158 Destinations in Europe. We can zoom in even more to further narrow our options, but that would limit the search to a smaller portion of Europe, which we are not yet prepared to do.

Now let's pull up our Search Box and apply a combination of the other six search filters - interests, location, destination, specific events, dates and price range - in sequence or order relevant for our search and we can quickly narrow our options to the handful of events, tours and activities which match our location, interest, dates and price range.

Let's check the options for our dates - December 21, 2019 to January 4, 2020 - in the $100 to $200 range.

We have now narrowed our options to 72 Destinations and 199 events, tours and activities across all of Europe. In 2 quick steps we have narrowed our options to a much shorter and manageable list across all of Europe but we are still not quite there. Let's take a closer look at our itinerary and look for available options in Rome, Italy on December 24th / Christmas Eve.

Presto!! We now have our short-list of 12 Events in Rome on December 24, 2019 in the $100 to $200 price range.

In Rome, Vatican City is on our list of places to visit. So, let's look at all Vatican City tour options during our stay in Rome - between December 21st and 31st - and then select the tour that offers the best value. Just enter Vatican in the City field OR click on Vatican City on the Map and get a listing of tours of Vatican between December 21st, 2019 and December 31st, 2019 :

We started with the Global Dashboard but with the 7-Dimensional Search and unique and powerful Map based navigation combined with all other filters we have narrowed our options and developed our short-list - all in a matter of minutes and in 3 steps.

The World is your Oyster and our 7-Dimensional Search is its perfect embodiment. Take a minute to explore and discover your World of leisure activities like never before. Explore your world in 7 dimensions and see how it changes forever the process of exploration and discovery of leisure events, tours and activities.