Prontour : Your Global Dashboard for Leisure Activites

2 billion+ people attend public sporting events & music concerts each year and 6 billion+ participate in sightseeing, social outings, outdoor adventures and other tours & activities each year. Yet, there is no easy way to find events, tours and activities which match your interests even when you know precisely what you are looking for.

Tired of Linear Search - One City, Location, Interest at a time?

The search for leisure activities begins with a sense of excitement to find something new and unique further stimulated and motivated by the element of surprise, exploration and discovery in finding it - both of which are missing from the current generation of sites - Viator, Gray Line, Get Your Guide, Klook and others. The primary search mode incorporated into these sites is linear - exploration and discovery one destination, one location, one interest, at a time. With each step the linear search mode drills down immediately to a narrow set of activities centered around that destination, location, or interest and in the process your 'peripheral vision' and element of surprise, exploration and discovery are lost. The process entails laboriously exploring and discovering your World one destination, one location, one interest, at a time. While you are conducting this linear search you are operating in 'tunnel vision' mode wherein you have no visibility into what might be happening even in your immediate vicinity of the 'tunnel'.

Leisure activities are comprised of local activities in your home base - the city or town you live in - on an everyday or every week-end basis with your friends, co-workers and family; and events, tours and activities for your week-end outing, vacation, or out of town business trips.

Local / Live Events : How do you find and keep track of them?

There is no single site or directory which aggregates local activities - sports events, music concerts, wine festivals, ski / snowboarding trips, casino outings, amusement park outings, and others. You create your own list of live events - sports, music concerts - manually by keeping tabs on them because of your interests. Other personal, organized and commercial events, tours and activities are segregated on different and disparate platforms. When you are looking for something specific you conduct your search in local media, sports and music sites, tour sites, local destinations, etc; collate the results manually and then research them individually before making your final selection. This is a laborious task and it's a hit-or-miss kind of search for activities which interest you.

Planning a Group Outing?

If you are planning an outing of your own with your friends, co-workers and / or family, you initiate the search and identify options across multiple sites and media; share them with your fellow participants and after multiple iterations and back-and-forth between you and all other participants you select the event and destination for the group. You then work on the logistics for the event - sign ups, confirmations, payment collection, etc, which is a thank-less, time-consuming, laborious and painful task and assignment.

Looking for Tours & Activities for your week-end outing, vacation, out of town business trip?

For tours and activities for a week-end outing, vacation or out-of-town business trip, the process of exploration and discovery is even more challenging and cumbersome since current generation of portals incorporate linear search - wherein you start with one location, one destination and one interest and then switch to another location, destination and interest. If that search process does not produce the results you are excited about then you start the process all over again. With this linear search and 'tunnel vision' approach precludes developing / providing any kind of 'peripheral vision'. There could be a perfect event - music concert or an activity or outing - happening in the next city or town an hour away and you wouldn't know it because your search is restricted to a specific destination, location or interest.

My Prontour

Unlike current generation of portals which offer listing of events, tours and activities for each individual city, Prontour offers you your own portal - My Prontour - personalized and customized for you based on your interests and location.

My Prontour portal is comprised of three core components:

  • My Dashboard of Destinations, Events, Activities and Tours by categories
  • Visual Map View of the World with a display of all destinations associated with active Events, Tours and Activities color coded by category
  • Event Listing organized chronologically with individual tile for each individual event, tour and activity

Sporting a stunning visual, map based exploration, discovery and search tool you start your search from Global view and then zoom in / out to a continent, region, country, or city. The Map displays all the hot spots - destinations - of events, tours and activities color coded for specific interests - Sports, Music, Social Outings, Outdoor Adventures and Sightseeing - scheduled at those destinations.

The Event Tile View is a display of tiles of events, tours and activities scheduled at the Destinations displayed on the Map.

The World is your Oyster

When it comes to leisure activities, we believe in the adage the World is your Oyster - You can achieve anything you wish in life or go anywhere because you have the opportunity and the ability to do so.

We open up and bring the entire World of leisure activities to you. You start with My Prontour - your personalized and customized dashboard of destinations, events, tours and activities - hundreds of thousands of them - and a view of the entire world. You then have the opportunity to explore and discover your World one continent, region, country or city at a time to find the Perfect Pearl - the event, tour or activity which is a perfect match for your passion, mood, location, timeline and budget for you and your group.

7-Dimensional Search Engine

To help you explore and discover the events, tours and activities for a specific occasion or outing and one that fits your passion, mood, location, timeline and budget, we offer to you our 7-Dimensional Search engine.

The 7-Dimensional Search Engine facilitates your search in a non-linear fashion by combining the filters in whichever sequence or order it works for you. Starting with your Global Dashboard of hundreds of thousands of events, tours and activities, this Search Engine will help you find your perfect set of events in just a few steps while maintaining your peripheral and global vision.

Personalized and Customized Stream of Events, Tours and Activities

Once you have shared with us your Interests and your Location, we will bring the World to you by way of two personalized and customized stream of events, tours and activities - My Interests and Events Near Me.

My Interests stream is your GLOBAL stream of events, tours and activities which match your interests. Whether you are interested in specific sports team, genre of music, specific destinations or type of events, My Interests stream will capture all of them for you. At your leisure you can then scan this stream, apply the accompanying set of filters to further refine your search and stay current with your personalized World of Leisure Activities.

Events Near Me stream is your LOCAL stream of events, tours and activities - sports events, music concerts, wine festivals, sightseeing tours, wine / beer tasting events, ski & snowboarding trips, etc. Wondering about what's happening in your city this week-end? Over Thanksgiving Week-end? You will no longer have to check out multiple sites and media to compile the list. The Events Near Me stream will have those events compiled for you.

Create your own Event, Tour, Activity and Crowd Source the Participants

We have aggregated hundreds of thousands of events, tours and activities and expect that number to grow to millions as we integrate with other sources and aggregate increasingly more events. We recognize, however, that even with hundreds of thousands or even millions of events compiled for you what we offer may not be a perfect fit for you. The World is indeed your Oyster and you may choose to go where no one has gone before, or create a new and unique event to commemorate a special occasion for your group of friends, co-workers and family.

Our platform gives you a complete set of tools to create, plan and manage your own group outing. Once you have created it on the platform, we will handle all other aspects of the outing - Sign Ups, Confirmations, Payments, as well as logistics.

Once you have created your event on Prontour, it becomes instantly discoverable by not just Prontour visitors but also to millions of people visiting other Online Travel Agencies (OTA's) like Expedia, Travelocity and hundreds of others.

Welcome to Prontour and the 7-Dimensional Vision we offer for you to explore and discover new and exciting destinations, and your own customized and personalized set of Leisure Events, Activities and Tours like never before.