Prontour's 7-Dimensional Search Engine

The current generation of tours & activities portals conduct search one location, one destination, one interest at a time - what we refer to as LINEAR search. This LINEAR search does not lend itself to exploration based on your interests across a wide expanse of a country, region, continent or the world or even in two adjacent cities.

Prontour's 7-Dimensional Search Engine, on the other hand, with its Map driven visual search is designed to facilitate exploration and discovery of leisure activities like never before.

Before we take our 7-Dimensional Search out for a spin around the globe let's get you acquainted with the 7-Dimensional Search Engine:

Map View : The Prontour Map displays Destinations (or Venues) where Live Events, Tours and Activities are scheduled during the default time horizon or date range you specify. Each Destination is color coded for the category of events, tours and activities hosted at that Destination .

The Map display and navigation - which use Google Maps platform - give you various tools to explore and discover destinations and events. As you Zoom In to a specific section of the Map you will see the Dashboard, Destination and Event count and Event listing change to list only those Events which are scheduled at the Destinations which are in the visible section of the Map. As you zoom in to a continent, country, region, state or city you will see the Dashboard, the Map and Event List change synchronously and in perfect harmony.

Tile View : All the Events scheduled at Destinations listed on the Map are displayed in this section. Each Tile displays a summary of the Event - including the Name of the Event, the Venue where it will be held, Date / Time for the Event and Price Range. Click on the Event tile and you will see all the Event Details.

Click on the Tile View button to switch off the Map View and just look at the Event listing. Click on the Map View icon to go back to the Map View and Tile View side-by-side.

Event Categories : All events, tours and activities are placed in one or more of the following categories:

Each of these Categories have other sub-categories as listed below:

Sports :

Social Outings:

Outdoor Adventures:

Each Category button displayed in the Dashboard displays # of events in that category. Let's say we are planning a wine tasting event, which is a sub-category of Social Outing, during the Christmas and New Year's break (between December 24th, 2019 and January 1st, 2020).

Click on the Social Outings Category button and now we see the sub-category buttons and # of events for each sub-category, including wine tasting.

Let's now drill down to the location - Napa Valley - where we want to go for wine tasting and apply the date filters - December 24, 2019 and January 1, 2020. We can adjust these search parameters in the Search Box. Just click / tap on the Search Icon on the right hand side of the page to bring up the Search Box.

We have now selected Napa, CA as the City / Location and entered our start and end dates:

We have found 18 Wine Tasting Events in Napa (and Sonoma which is within 100 mile radius of Napa).

Let's further refine our options by applying price range filter. The price range for all 18 events is $129 to $199. We have changed the upper limit to $140.

We now have our short-list of 8 wine tasting events which meet all of our requirements - all accomplished in 3 easy / quick steps. Pick the date that works for you and click / tap on that event and book your tour.

You are chomping at the bit to take the search engine out for a spin - aren't you? Well, what are you waiting for? Take it away.